We offer Indigenous Waldorf Training Courses

Teaching Indigenous Languages and Cultures using Waldorf Pedagogical Methods: K-3

What does this course offer?

This course is for First Nations teachers to learn Waldorf language teaching methods to enliven teaching in their own language. The courses will teach:

  • Basic principles of development of the child in body, soul and spirit
  • Waldorf language development methods
  • Practicing and sharing examples in First Nations languages in poetry with movement, rhythmical counting, singing and storytelling
  • Methods to teach academic subjects such as reading, writing and mathematics using artistic activities (singing, painting, modeling, storytelling)
  • Methods on how to accompany the children through the traditional cycle of the year and ceremonies

From the Ottawa, 2013, course: Introducing Kanyen’keha letters through storytelling and imagery in Grade 1

Letter 1Letter 2Letter 3





Who is this course for?

Teachers, educators, day-care workers, school administrators, parents, foster parents, band council members, elders, grandparents, education students and all friends and supporters of a healthy and empowering education for First Nations children.

Biographies of the instructors

Marie France Bertrand, born in Noranda, Quebec, has worked in the field of education for 24 years. She has, besides a teacher’s degree, a degree in International Development from the University of Toronto. She has taught Waldorf pedagogical methods 18 years – 6 at a private Waldorf school, École Parsifal School, for 3 years at Saint Anthony School in Ottawa and was the founding grade teacher when the French public school, Trille des bois, started its Waldorf programme in 2003. She speaks three languages, English, French and Spanish and has years of experience teaching French as a second language to adults in the health field and government.

James Brian, born in Montreal, has worked in the educational field for over 30 years, with both children and adults. He spent 12 years in Germany studying philosophy and educational methods and has diplomas in Rudolf Steiner Special Education and Waldorf Teaching.  He taught at the Kräherwald Waldorf School in Stuttgart, Germany, for 5 years. Returning to Canada in 1988, he was a class teacher at the Ottawa Waldorf School for 3 years and at École Parsifal School for 10 years. Based in Ottawa, he is presently a mentor and trainer in Waldorf pedagogical methods.