About Us

In January, 2013, the Waldorf Education For and By First Nations Initiative Group was formed in Ottawa to promote the cultivation of Waldorf methods in First Nations education by offering support and training on how to use Waldorf pedagogical methods to enhance First Nations languages learning in an existing school situation or for support and training from on how to establish a Waldorf based school in indigenous communities.

In December, 2015, the initiative was incorporated as a foundation, the Douglas Cardinal Foundation for Indigenous Waldorf Education. We received charitable status with Canada Revenue in November, 2016.

Members of the Board of Directors:
Douglas Cardinal – Chair, Architect and former Waldorf parent
Idoia Cardinal – Vice-Chair, Managing Director of Douglas Cardinal Architects and former Waldorf Parent
James Brian – President and Treasurer, Waldorf mentor and trainer
Mimie Neacappo, Cree Language Specialist and Waldorf parent
Raymond Soosay, Adjucation Secretariat, Government of Canada and Waldorf parent
Amy Bomberry, Co-founder and Director of Education of The Everlasting Tree School and former Waldorf Parent
Stacy Hill, Co-founder of The Everlasting Tree School and former Waldorf Parent
Holly Johnson, Band Councillor, Samson Cree Nation
Dale Saddleback, University of Alberta, PhD. student
Marie-Odile Junker, Professor of Linguistics, Carleton University and Waldorf parent
Marie-France Bertrand, Waldorf class teacher and trainer